intro command line unix   Introductory Command Line Unix for Users

The aim of this book is to introduce the Unix command line interface to users. Unix originally supported only a command line interface. Though most Unix systems now support GUI interfaces, all are based on the original command line interface. Many people still find it easier to use the command line for operations. Instead of trying to figure out how to click through a GUI interface to do a certain task, you just have to type a few words. The focus of this book is on users, describing user tools and applications for the command line, not administration tasks (

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unix programming    Linux and Unix Shell Pocket Programmer

This book is designed to be a shell programmer ’s reference on Unix and Linux.  It covers the commands, syntax, and operators for three major shells used in Unix and Linux; the Bourne Again shell (BASH), the TCSH shell, and the Z-shell. All are enhanced versions of their corresponding original Unix shells. The BASH shell is an advanced version of the Bourne shell, which includes most of the advanced features developed for the Unix Korn shell and C-shells. TCSH is an enhanced version of the C-shell that was originally developed for BSD versions of Unix. The Z-shell is an enhanced version of the Unix Korn shell.

The Perl and GAWK shell scripting languages are also presented in detail, examining the use of variables, operators, and control structures to create complex shell programs. In addition the book covers supplementary features like the Make utility and man page formatting.

The Ebook version features hyper-links for contents, index, figures, tables and Web addresses.

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